There is only one "Power."  No "Power" is needed to destroy error (evil, hate, etc.) because it has within itself the elements of
"You are not wealthy until you have something that money can't buy."
"Live your life from truth and you will survive everything."
Oprah Winfrey
"Insecurities are limitations.  It's essential to overcome them in order to reveal who you truly are.  Jealousy, negative speech on others--all of that is nothing more than how you subconsciously feel about yourself, projected onto others."
© Trish R. Best
"You tried to keep me hidden like the Benin Bronzes / You don't understand me like Ptolemy Oz'n...."
© Trish R. Best
"The ability to dream during sleep is a blessing.  The ability to recall all dreams is a Cosmic privilege.  Lucid dreaming marks the awakening of the soul that leads to powerful transformations."
© Trish R. Best
There you are
Humble you
Trickling down on me
In black hue
Devastating me
What I never knew
Your star dust
Electrically charging me
Symmetrically enlarging me
I fly so high
Jets are dodging me
Oh, Great Mother
The knowledge they hid
Rogue ones
Seek my soul to rid
But still
I live
I live
I Am
© Trish R. Best

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