Artist: FELONI

Birth Location: Detroit, MI

Interests: Music, Songwriting, Organic Painting and Ancient History.

Motto: "If you believe in Aliens, and not Karma, something is wrong with the Soul's wisdom."

From the tough streets and rich musical tapestry of Motown, in 2006, FELONI broke out on the scene with her racy debut single "Brand New" (1st featured on Russel Simmons & WJLB's Official 2005 Detroit Hip Hop Summit Mix Tape) officially setting off alarms in hip-hop of a new generation of out rappers to come. In 2006, after being discovered on Myspace by MTV affiliates, FELONI was able to garner her own episode on the controversial reality documentary series "Coming Out Stories" which aired annually for seven years on MTV's LOGOTV on "National Out Day." The documentary series was produced by Emmy and Oscar Award-winning producers, Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon. "Coming Out Stories" was created by Lauren Lazin whose first feature film, "Tupac: Resurrection" was nominated for an Oscar in 2006. Lauren also produced "The Last Days of Left Eye," "The U.S. vs. John Lennon" and more.  This makes FELONI the first colored, "out" female lyricist to have her story told on a Viacom's network. 


In 2007, FELONI also became the first "out" urban artist to release a hip-hop album "A Woman's Revenge" speaking exclusively from a Lesbian's perspective.  She also shared the stage with hip-hip icon, DJ Spinderella of Salt n Pepa, with Spin working the 1z and 2z.  FELONI and The Movement (a former Detroit group of independent record label CEOs and their artists) also opened for mainstream artists, like D-Block, Dipset, Trina and other hip-hop icons without having a manager, a mix tape or being co-signed by a major male rapper.  Unlike most female artists, FELONI achieved these goals independently, sparking a movement of out artists you now see today.


FELONI politicized the "nookie" by flipping the script on male posturing, turning it into a taunt and protest against misogyny seething in today's hip-hop.  FELONI pushed the limits of hip-hop's sexual expression by changing the politics of the game, empowering the genre's usual subject of domination.  FELONI was able to "mack" her game while expressing her sexual autonomy.  To date, FELONI has remained independent releasing music on her indie label, Trak Diamond Records LLC.