July 12, 2021

New Single Released:

"Real Man"

Now Available on iTunes & Apple Music!

FELONI's Story Behind the Song:

"'Real Man'" was written several years ago in Atlanta.  It's a short-verse song.  Sometimes, I'll have something I want to convey to listeners, and once I say it, it's done--not mattering how hard the beat goes.  It's like writing poetry where the verses can be long, or they can be short, like a Haiku poem;  this is just another one of those songs for me.  I'm not an 'industry' artist; so I don't always follow song structure rules. 'Real Man' touches on revelations that can come out of (some) victims of domestic violence.  The song also takes a peep at facing uncomfortable truths about having unconventional feelings for someone."


FELONI on Performance and Songwriting:

"When it comes to performing, I just belt out what I'm feeling, as Nina Simone would say, and I don't use Auto-Tune to correct my voice.  Not to knock it, and not to say I never used it.  There a lot of cool songs out I like that use it.  However, personally, I've only used it on two songs: one being, 'Everybody Else feat T Pain' (duh).  It's also on the chorus of another song I have yet to release.  Then there's the AcidPlanet Electro Remix of 'I Can't Stop,' which was hosted by Sony Connect.  Most people are not aware that in 2007, I worked on a project sponsored by Sony which worked out well because I actually READ the agreement BEFORE signing it.  The winning AcidPlanet Remix I selected featured Auto-Tune.  People get 100% of me--no ghost writers--as I've also recorded and mixed  98% of all songs I've released to date."

June 31, 2021


FELONI's new single, "Exit Babylon (for KMT)," will be available on Apple Music Summer 2021.  In case you missed it, a sneak preview was made available exclusively on her website from January 5, 2021 - June 31, 2021.

FELONI's Story Behind the Song:

"'Exist Babylon (for KMT)'" This song is about the selling of one's Soul for Fame and / or Material gain.  Period.  Hands down, tie your shoe!  No matter how you try to justify or rationlize your behavior (who you choose to work for, or how you choose to get money), it's all a reflection of your Soul's integrity in its current condition.  I've literally walked away from thousands of dollars (real talk) because my Soul is on a path few can travel without subcoming to the external pressures to be "successful" as defined by society. Personally I can't allow corrupt Souls to lead me; this is a 'colorless' fact."

January 2,  2021

FELONI joins many talented artists to support the #iVOTED FESTIVAL GEORGIA for Election Day on January 5th 2021.  The online music event was created to inspire and encourage youth, first-time voters and experienced voters alike to exercise their right to Vote for the Georgia Senate run-off.  The Festival is Free and encourages Voters to take selfies at the polls, or a selfies with their blank ballots to show they Voted.  If you reside in Georgia, please Vote Now or on Jan 5th, 2020!  

There will be performances by Arrested Development, The B52s and more (there are too many artists performing to name).  Included will be a special message from FELONI and other cool artists.  Check out the Line-up and RSVP NOW at IVOTEDCONCERTS.COM