January 2,  2021

FELONI joins many talented artists to support the #iVOTED FESTIVAL GEORGIA for Election Day on January 5th 2021.  The online music event was created to inspire and encourage youth, first-time voters and experienced voters alike to exercise their right to Vote for the Georgia Senate run-off.  The Festival is Free and encourages Voters to take selfies at the polls, or a selfies with their blank ballots to show they Voted.  If you reside in Georgia, please Vote Now or on Jan 5th, 2020!  

There will be performances by Arrested Development, The B52s and more (there are too many artists performing to name).  Included will be a special message from FELONI and other cool artists.  Check out the Line-up and RSVP NOW at IVOTEDCONCERTS.COM

APRIL 3, 2022

Few updates:

1. There was a fraudulent Google Play App for FELONI / Trak Diamond Records, LLC that was up for about six months without my knowledge.  I had it deleted a few weeks ago.  If you received any communication from this app posing to represent me, or my label, it was fraud. You may also contact me directly using my new email contact to report it:  MYTDRMUSIC@PROTONMAIL.COM

2. I do NOT have a Twitter, TicTok, SnapChat, Facebook, or Instagram page.  If you have been visiting any of these sites using my name or image, it is theft of my identity, and intellectual property.


3. There is an organized group of criminals going around trying to deceive my fans online, and are trying to prevent new listeners from hearing my music.  In fact, I was recently made aware that an imposter hacked my distributor account and created a fake Payoneer account in my name, in an attempt to collect royalties from my music.  They also hacked my BMI account in attempt to change writer's rights and ownership.  Recently, I discovered that a spyware had been installed on my cell phone and Mac for a few years without my knowledge.  I was in process of writing articles on many subjects, including comparative ancient theology, and an article on the ongoing sex tracking of women and children.  A lot of rare and powerful images I had collected for these articles, over the years, were either stolen or deleted.  This group of criminals have also stolen and deleted music files from my Mac while I was editing in Pro Tools. They have also stolen items like photos of friends, relatives and women I've dated.  They've stolen  luxury items from my home and car.  They also steal my mail.  In fact, this year, they stole my 2021 Federal Tax Pin.  These organized criminals are also clearly homophobic, as one of them used their energy to go to an "adult store" and purchase an item they believe "women who like women" use, and left the empty box inside my car, in an attempt to intimidate me, I suppose.  This lead me to to conclude that there is also an element of insecurity and jealousy at play here as well.  Another drove in front of me with a license plate that advised me to go straight (although spelled differently).  Some of these men had anti-governor Gretchen Whitmer bumper stickers.  And, yes.  I have reported these all these things to the appropriate authorities.  


This group of organized criminals has obviously installed a tracker somewhere on my truck (a gadget that should have never been release to the general public without first registering it, as we are required to do with guns).  Tracker abuse place women and children in danger.  I don't think I have to qualify this statement if you take a few moments to really think about it.   These criminals follow me around, and wait until I go inside a store, then enter my car to steal things, and more.  It has been difficult for the authorities to track them because the majority of them are using fake license plates.  They typically use handicap, personalized, out-of-state and university license plates.  Some use dark blue plates with yellow lettering, and even fake government license plates (a problem the NYPD ),per an article I read online.  I believe the organizer of this criminal group has a connection with the government and the entertainment industry.  I do not believe that the government is personally involved in this matter, for there is a lot of "ego" at play in these games, and the government is not going to break an antique 8-track player so I can't use it!  


This group of criminals (sometimes posing as police, military and government workers) have sent texts messages from my cell phone to friends, posing as me--and vice verse.  Please, do NOT text me because I don't use text services-not even the encrypted ones.  This organized group of slanderous people are very sick and obsessed deceivers, stalkers, thieves, imposters (and more) who, obviously, have lost touch with the reality of their actions.  Whoever is leading this group of organized criminals is a very lost person with no sense of integrity or morality (although they are wealthy), except as justified by his/her own "perceived" perception of righteousness. You'd literally have to be a person with no sense of self-worth to allow the leader of this group to guild you, connecting you to  his/her massive karmic debt.  Trying to play "GOD" is a very serious, SPIRITUAL, offense to the energies that reign above, I'm certain.