March 23, 2021


I received replacement software I lost that will allow me to complete the final mix of "Exit Babylon (4KMT) for release on streamers. The version currently up now is not the final mix. I will release a few new songs to select streamers soon.


Special thank you to everyone who has ceased streaming my music on Spotify, as I requested. Should they increase pay to minimum of 1 cent per stream as Apple Music has done, (it's a start), perhaps I will ad a new release there.  Currently, they pay .003 cents per spin.   What is that?  That's not even a physical form of currency. LOL. Too many fans allow artists to be robbed blind by giving their money to streamers.


I've deleted my Twitter, and I deleted my Facebook.  Again, I do not need "likes" and "followers" or people's "money" to build self-worth; I was born "Approved."    People still don't get me; but I understand the "Path" is narrow.  There's only 1 Me, as there's only 1 You.  No one can steal what's inside your mind.  Let those who have understanding hear: No one can destroy what you build from the Inside, out.


February 12, 2021


When you visit my website via your cell phone, you now have the option to call me directly to listen to updates and to leave feedback. If you leave a voicemail, please note the following disclaimer: Leaving a voice message grants Trak Diamond Records the permission to use the recording in a future track to be released to the public; there will be no pay for use, if selected.  Please do not leave a message if you want to say something that you would NOT want the public to hear.

The only Social Media websites I now have are Twitter, TicTok and Pinterest. If you see a FELONI profile anywhere on the internet, it is an "Imposter Profile."  Please take a screenshot and contact me ASAP. 


Facebook has finally deleted my personal profile as I request, but did not delete the FELONI music page I created under that profile, although I requested to have that deleted too.  In fact, it should have deleted when I deleted my personal profile.  Again, this is why I don't deal with a lot of Social Media sites, as many of them will try to, illegaly, own and exploit intellectual property that does not belong to them. FELONI is a registered Trademark. 

My new single, "Exit Babylon (4KMT)," has not yet been released to streamers.  The reason being I am mixing the song myself, as I've done for 98% of the music I've released.  I like more of a raw sound on my music. Haters have tried to hack my Pro Tool's session (yes, it's possible).  However, thanks to them, I am now more conscious of how to prevent it from happening again.

If you have ever Subscribed to any mailing list I've had dating back to 2006, please update it now because I have over 1K emails that are, understandably, no longer active. 

January 20, 2021

My new single, "Exit Babylon (4KMT)," will be available on streamers, accept Spotify, within the next few weeks. As I stated in a past update, I will no longer release any old or new music with Spotify.  Why? Many reasons.  One being that I, personally, believe that they are against non-industry indies--even with all the artist tools they provide, they still control the numbers because they own the system. 

Exit Babylon (4KMT) is my first "Holy Spit" song, which is a term I coined.  I intentionally limited the lyrics in the song because it's more of a meditation. It's also an experimental track in that I left the end of the track open for people to add their own verse, i.e. for those who understand the context of the song.   

January 5, 2021

Hope you checked-out #iVoted Festival Georgia 2021 and saw my personal message to GA in between sets.  #iVoted is truly a unique, online music concert tool used to inspire registered Voters and 1st time Voters to get out and Vote on the Senator Runoff today.  It's been featured in Billboard, Rolling Stones Magazine, Pollstar and in other popular entertainments sources. The music festival is still poppin' as I write this (although I made edits on a later date).  I'm listening to the Huda Hudia set with DJ30A. The mix is fire!

A Few Updates:

Today, I released "Exit Babylon (4KMT)."   I will not be placing anymore music on Spotify (old or new) for various reasons--it's not like I'm losing money, based on what streamers pay.  

A few days ago, I deleted my Facebook and Instagram account.  They stated it takes 30 days.  I've had too many problems with private information exposed, fake messages from friends who said they never sent them, hacking, being asked to pay to reach my on fans I earned, and other things that turned me off.  My Twitter is open (a few days ago, I deleted 400 followers that had no image and had not been active since 2011).  However,  I'm still working with them to recover from a hack that caused a lot of fans to believe that I deleted, or blocked them dating back as far as 2012.  There were messages sent to people that I did not send.  Some of these accounts have been identified and removed by Twitter.  I never knew about these matters because I had the account set to private for many years, and was not using it (another reason I lost a lot of followers). I'm not a Social Media person; I'd rather meditate than troll social media.  Consciously, I'm so beyond that level of competing and seeking approval via numbers;  I was BORN approved.  


Want to reach me directly, simply send an email via the Contact Form.  Also, if you see, hear or receive anything suspicious that someone has said I've said or done, never hesitate to contact me and get it from the horse's mouth, for jealous Haters are always trolling, spreading lies and deception. Going forward, I encourage you to subscribe to my emails, or simply save this website to your cell's Home Screen, as it will convert to a FELONI App.


A Special thank you to everyone who has ever purchased my music and/or attended any event I have ever been a part of.  I truly appreciate you, and will never forget the love you have shown me, without judgement.  Remember, the energy (actions) you put out in the Universe is what will come back to you. If you've ever been betrayed by people you trusted, understand they were never placed in your life to be for you; they're just pawns for a larger, more important plan the Most High brought you here to complete.


December 22, 2020

FELONI joins many talented artists to support the #iVOTED FESTIVAL GEORGIA for Election Day on January 5th 2021.  The online music event was created to inspire and encourage youth, first-time voters and experienced voters alike to exercise their right to Vote for the Georgia Senate run-off.  The Festival is Free and encourages Voters to take selfies at the polls, or a selfies with their blank ballots to show they Voted.  If you reside in Georgia, please Vote Now or on Jan 5th, 2020!  

There will be performances by Arrested Development, The B52s and more (there are too many artists performing to name).  Included will be a special message from FELONI and other cool artists.  Check out the Line-up and RSVP NOW at IVOTEDCONCERTS.COM