For every stone someone throws at you, use it to build your inner House of strength and resilience.

Aug 8, 2022
In the past 6 months, if you've emailed, or have been emailing my old email Contact at ""  that email was hacked and taken over by an Identity Thief.  For now, please use the new Contact Form on the Welcome page, and cease all communication with anyone emailing you from that account immediately, as I have not had access to it.  Soon, all Contact will be via Telephone only, which I will post in the near future.  Emails are NOT secure, no matter how you slice it.


May 2022

iVoted Music Festival is back for November 8, 2022

to continue its mission of encouraging voters, young voters, and first-time voters to go to the polls and express their opinion via the all mighty ballot.  Although I am an Independent, I have both Democrat and Republican friends.  My message is simply to vote, no matter who you are, and I believe the iVoted Music Festival is a fun, creative and energetic way to inspire people to do just that.  Their music lineup is diverse, and they have more artists than ever, this year. Click the link to learn more about the history of iVoted, their partners, and check out the unique lineup, you just may discover, or rediscover, your favorite artist. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I will be there too.  See you soon.



January 2021

FELONI joins many talented artists to support the #iVOTED FESTIVAL GEORGIA for Election Day on January 5th 2021.  The online music event was created to inspire and encourage youth, first-time voters and experienced voters alike to exercise their right to Vote for the Georgia Senate run-off.  The Festival is Free and encourages Voters to take selfies at the polls, or a selfies with their blank ballots to show they Voted.  If you reside in Georgia, please Vote Now or on Jan 5th, 2020!  

There will be performances by Arrested Development, The B52s and more (there are too many artists performing to name).  Included will be a special message from FELONI and other cool artists.  Check out the Line-up and RSVP NOW!


NOTE: FELONI is a non-industry indie who does not have a Twitter, TicTok, SnapChat, Facebook, or Instagram account.  If you have visited one of these social media sites using my name, or image, it is an imposter profile.  Please beware.